Anonymous: What does poly mean in your description

i use it to describe my preference to open relationships. i enjoy having multiple partners at once, and so does my girlfriend!

Anonymous: You're the reason why us feminists are seen as ignorant. Go live in the ocean or something

way ahead of you buddy. im a mermaid

Anonymous: why do lesbians walk so fast? and tailgate? and drive two door cars?

why are you asking me that i am not a lesbian my name is John McCain and i am a CisHet

Anonymous: Why does Tumblr categorize every thing by what one does with there reproductive organs? WHY CANT WE ALL GET ALONG!? Q.Q *eats the taco of despair.*

wow did you time travel here from fucking 2007

Anonymous: I'm scared of tumblr. If anyone asks I'm Bi, being a straight guy is like a 19th century Jew.

you poor baby
you’re wrong and also have a victim complex bye

Anonymous: I've never seen anyone move as fast as a straight boy escaping from homosexual thoughts

this is the kind of anons i like in response to a post

Anonymous: '#tw: opinion' omg i can't stop laughing this tag is super hilarious to me right now

i didn’t even make it up omg

glad i made you laugh though

have a good night sir/madam/preferred-pronoun anon

Anonymous: pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst i think you're the coolest person i follow. :)

awww anon this is so sweet uwu

Anonymous: really sorry about what you had to deal with from munozjose, the guy's clearly an idiot and a jerk. don't let the hypocrisy get to you - you did the right thing and you should come away from it feeling like the superior human being for sure.

c: thanks anon, i appreciate the comfort

honestly the whole thing’s just been kinda shitty for both of us and he’s really not that bad, i just sort of wish i never made the post so neither of us would have to deal with this.

Anonymous: Can you link the post with a ton of notes?

i’d really rather it not get spread any further, and i’m sure you’ve seen it on your dash anyway. 

Anonymous: I'm sorry for all the stuff that is happening because of that post. I hope whatever stuff is going on blows over soon I guess. *snuggles you*

thank you sweet anon i appreciate it <3

Anonymous: Well my dear idiot, that blog that you screencaped and called a social justice blogger was being ironic. Sorry your pathetic mind can't fathom that

wow is this a hate anon

wow this is happening what

oh my gosh thank you

you’re my first real hate anon can i just take your picture

Anonymous: what post are you referring to?

refer to the question just answered por favor

Anonymous: What post?

that picture that’s going around with the thing about interracial straight and gay couples and then under it says “equality for EVERYONE”

it’s got over 1000 notes now

Anonymous: Toes thursday?

i have gross toes u do not want to see them