8 month old baby hearing his mother’s voice for the first time with cochlear implant

This is the most beautiful thing ever.

thank you science 

this post always bothers me without fail

I just….

that’s a major operation and change in the infant’s life and they can’t even make the decision themselves to have it or not.

idk I just think things like that should wait until the child is at least old enough to say that it’s something they want.

 :/ wat?


why would you choose to be disabled



as someone who PERSONALLY had their parents make the decision for me to get grommets in my ears so i wouldn’t be entirely deaf by age 21, i’d have to say you are a fucking idiot for thinking it’s bad for the parents to want to improve their entire child’s living standards as early as possible

but look at the baby, you can tell he’s fucking pissed

His first words are going to be “what gives you the fucking right”

first I awww’ed and smiled then I read the comments and what

That’s tumblr for you. I try to ignore people who suck the joy of life out of everything for the sake of being offended. that gifset is too sweet.

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    Yes. Because some infants would choose not to hear. Of course. You so smart.
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