aight let me say this tho. when biphobic lesbians say things like ‘i don’t wanna be anywhere a guy has been” or the more cissexist/transmisogynistic “i don’t wanna be anywhere a dick has been”

you’re. kind of treating a bi woman like a used object. and totally qualifying her based on her past experiences. and deciding what does or does not impact her worth and purity. 

and ur a piece of crap.


I did an animation thing in Computer Graphics and made his eyes blood orange for a moment

it’s storming and im v happy about that maybe ill get some good sleep




"please go look at the hot guy i just reblogged"

"dude you’re so gay"

"okay that’s literally the straightest thing i’ve said all week"


Nagisa and Rei fluff is what I need, last time even more than usual.But thanks to this fanfic: I felt like drawing something “more” with them :’D Yay, that was really great.Just a rough sketch… I’m still awkward with drawing and posting that kind of pictures but if I keep reading more nsfw stuff it’s going to change haha! I think it’s one of the most “sexy” sketches I’ve ever drawn. This time it’s because of you, Rei!And some other sketches in progress, sob.

Sunhat girl