so i wont delete 

but i probably won’t be posting much

unless on the weekends

alex you posted this three years ago


testing out brushes! skies are fun to paint

i love memes… of course i dont love all memes equally. you can make arguments for the best meme being troll face, the Original Meme. but theres also tfw guy who is a classic. however the best meme of all………. is jude. jude is best meme.

wow i just went far back in my url tag and there is a person i had a lot of interactions with and they were and are incredibly unpleasant and i can’t believe i put up with it for so long

Anonymous: You're the reason why us feminists are seen as ignorant. Go live in the ocean or something

way ahead of you buddy. im a mermaid


ha this was super super rushed so sorry in advance but happy 413!!!

happy 413! 

Happy Birthday! You’ve grown a lot, and have been through so much!Have an amazing 4/13.