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So long since I drew a fullbody woah 

i woke up in the middle of the night last night laughing……… i was dreaming about memes. the memes were so funny that i laughed in my sleep to the point of waking me up. i memed myself awake.


This is a picture of three people from the Ferguson city commission.
Remember the story of how Ferguson police beat a man and then charged him with bleeding on their uniforms?
See that woman in the picture?
She was one of the cops who beat him.
Seriously what the fuck.
If you weren’t following #Ferguson on Twitter last night, you missed out. The city commission had a meeting where they tried to tell the people they couldn’t talk, but were eventually shouted down. So the All-White-Except-One city council sat there, gave people three minutes to speak, and said nothing, responded to nothing, and did nothing.
A couple of highlights:

A man arrested for peacefully protesting spoke up and said “I’ve done more jail time than Darren Wilson.”

“If Darren Wilson doesn’t get justice, you might as well bring back the army, because it’s going to be chaos,” said another.

ESPN E60 reportedly had a story about a football player from Ferguson who reported a harassment incident with Darren Wilson a week before Mike Brown. (Looked for more reports of this today and don’t see any. Sent a few messages to journalists who were covering Ferguson.)

Several people talked about how the “justice” system (more like “jüstice” system) in Ferguson routinely harasses and exploits people.

The whole thing seemed very organized, with people telling the council (paraphrased): “You’ve done nothing for us, and that’s why you’ve got a murder on your hands. Now we’re coming for you [meaning the various seats on the council]” with one woman in particular saying to the woman pictured above, “We’re coming for your seat first.”


“I have 3 minutes to tell you I am ashamed of every single one of you.”



homestucks held so much power and influence back in 2012 we were at the top of our game we were hated by all but now everyone is embarassed to still be a homestuck in waiting so we cover it up with sports animes and self loathing

now the only people who hate homestuck are homestucks it has officially come full circle everyone


the fearsome sharknado

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yes, i do spend all my time making weird faces at my webcam

I realized I hadn’t drawn faeries in a while so here, have some royal fae siblings